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  • Biking is like a book and those who don't travel are reading only one page!

    We specialise in full European and short break UK motorcycle touring holidays.

UK Touring Holidays

An ideal start to your 'Touring Career' if you've never toured before, or if time is short and you need a quick getaway. The UK is a fantastic playground for bikers, so allow us to take you to all the best roads and the 'hidden gem' hotels. Low stress and enjoyable, short UK breaks are all that's needed to refresh the soul and give your mind something to dream about whilst you're back in work.... until the next one!

European Touring Holidays

You really haven't lived until you've been abroad on a bike. There's nothing quite like going away with a bunch of like minded people whilst enjoying new places and sights. Even packing your bike in preparation is exciting!!

UK Training Weekends

Get skilled up by Police Advanced Bikers whilst enjoying a short biking holiday. On these weekend breaks, you'll be taught aspects of the Police Bikers training course and be given guidance specific to your particular needs. These training weekends are delivered under the RoSPA and ERS (Enhanced Rider Scheme) umbrellas, which can result in a certificate of achievement. Some life skills and discount on insurance anyone?

Touring Merchandise

Going touring on your bike? You'd better get the right kit then. Have a browse through our 'touring essentials' catalogue (including apparel for your particular tour)

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