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  • Spanish Pyrenees & France 2020


    The Pyrenees mountain range separates the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe, stretching more than 305 miles from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea and rising higher than 3,400m in elevation.

    We’re ignoring BREXIT and in a show of love for our continental cousins, are looking to keep their tourism economy alive. This mountain range is a bikers paradise and we are going to be riding the length of it over 2 days! 

    Add the gorgeous Dordogne, Loire Valley and beautiful French roads and villages to the mix, as we ride north and the net result is, a perfect week of motorcycling.

    This is the kind of tour where there is more emphasis on riding your bike and has been graded as Easy/Intermediate.

    10th May to 17th May 2020 – 8 days

    Prices from £729 per person

    • Using your own Motorcycle
    • Cruise to Spain and Chanel Sailing included
    • Daily mileage: between 150 & 250 (est)

    Tour Highlights

    • 2 days riding through Pyrenees mountain range
    • Andorra
    • Dordogne
    • La Rochelle
    • Loire Valley
    • Cherbourg Peninsular

    Road Type

    • Tarmac – Est 1150 miles in Spain/France


    • Cruise ferry Plymouth to Santander and Cherbourg to Portsmouth ferry


    Day 1 – 10th May, Plymouth – Santander

    Overnight ‘Cruise’ style ferry crossing to Spain

    Day 2 – 11th May, Ferry to Logrono

    Half a days ride across northern Spain to Logrono.
    141 Miles

    Day 3 – 12th May, Logrono to the ‘Mountains’

    The first of two days riding across the southern flank of the Pyrenees to our stay in the mountains. Don’t worry, it will be in a hotel….a particularly nice one!
    190 Miles

    Day 4 – 13th May, Hotel to Andorra

    Depart from the hotel for a full day of Pyrenees. Bring your camera!
    176 Miles

    Day 5 – 14th May, Hotel – North

    Finishing the morning in the Pyrenees before leaving them and heading north into the beautiful Dordogne.
    206 Miles

    Day 6 – 15th May, Hotel to La Rochelle

    La Rochelle is everyone’s favourite, we hope you like seafood!
    190 Miles

    Day 7 – 16th May, Hotel into Brittany

    Continuing north through France through the Loire Valley and onto an overnight stop in Brittany
    181 Miles

    Day 8 – 17th May, Cherbourg Peninsula

    Our final day and a ride back to the Cherbourg Peninsula. It’s a place worth exploring and hopefully, we’ll have a bit of time for some sightseeing, as our ferry doesn’t leave until 6pm ish.
    140 Miles

    All mileages are estimated and routes are subject to change.

    Things to Bring

    Spain/France Motorcycle Tour – Things You Will Need

    Check List

    • Passport
    • Driving Licence (May need an IDP if we leave the EU without a deal – easy to get, will keep you posted)
    • Motorcycle Insurance Certificate
    • Vehicle Registration Document
    • MOT Certificate for your Bike*
    • Reflective Vest
    • Country Logo on your Number Plate i.e. GB etc
    • Spare Motorcycle Bulbs
    • Spare Motorcycle Keys
    • Small Bike Lock
    • Chain lubricant*
    • Puncture Repair Kit – get one, don’t rely on others!
    • Travel Visa’s*

    *If Required

    Travel Insurance

    • Personal Travel Insurance

    Money and Currency

    • Credit / Debit Card’s
    • Euro’s
    • Pounds Sterling on Ferry

    Insurance, Medical and Breakdown

    We would like to highlight that on all of our tours, it is essential that you hold adequate Medical and Breakdown Recovery Insurance which includes repatriation for you, your pillion and your motorcycle. We will require a copy of these documents before departure and it is a prerequisite for your participation on the tour. This has been needed on previous tours, so you HAVE to have it!


    Terms & Conditions


    # Option Price
    1 1 bike, 2 persons, sharing a room £729.00pp
    2 1 bike, 1 person, sharing a room £829.00
    3 1 bike, 1 person, own room £979.00

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