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About Us

steve-daveyA life in biking has brought me to this point. Having begun as a personal passion, it soon became a career as I became a Police Biker of 17 years. Heavily involved as a Police Bike Trainer, I started a bike training school (Vale Moto Training) but throughout, on a personal level, I was organising and participating in European Bike Tours in places such as Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Additionally I followed MotoGP and Superbike race weekends to Czech Republic, Nürburgring Germany and Daytona USA.

The combination of this experience and requests for tours from so many new bikers from the training school, has led me to form Vale Moto Tours. It was a logical progression.

Our team are extremely experienced and our varied riding styles mean that we can provide tours for the committed, full on tourers to the keenest sport bike riders. We loath motorways so avoid them at all costs and we keep daily mileages reasonable, believing tours should be considered as holidays, not marathons. Whilst there is ample opportunity for riders to exploit their machines’ capabilities, we do not travel at high speeds. We want everyone to arrive at their destination having enjoyed the scenery and then being ready to relax and appreciate the local food and drink. We ride all day, but have a leisurely break at lunchtime and enjoy stops for a “brew” and photo opportunities.

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The tours we host are generally on a B&B basis as we find that including evening meals can be restrictive. We generally pick accommodation that’s in or very near a town or village that can be explored at leisure. It doesn’t always happen but it’s nice to eat as a group so that the adventures of the day can be poured over and laughed about. It’s all part of the ‘touring experience’.

We offer a range of tours, both Guided and Escorted. Guided tours are mainly in the UK and are led by an experienced guide (often using all the best roads from Police Advanced Courses) and use a simple ‘drop off’ marker system. This allows you to ride at your own pace, without needing maps or notes. This is a great introduction to motorcycle touring holidays.

Our European tours are mainly escorted, which means that whilst there will be a guide, you are responsible for your own navigation. A Tour Pack of information is supplied, which includes the relevant maps, route directions and Sat Nav waypoints for you to find your destination. This system suits many people, as it allows you to ride at your own pace and style, either alone, or in small groups. However, if you are new to European touring, or just prefer it, you are welcome to ride with the guide whenever you want.

If you are new to touring, all I can say is that some of my best memories and biking experiences have been whist touring on the continent. With the astonishing views and the new friends you meet, the whole atmosphere is like nothing else. If you’re looking to fulfill biking ambitions, it is a MUST DO. Let us carry the weight of organising your trip so that you can just  ‘Enjoy the Ride’.